Many students opted to stay on campus rather than embark on a tropical getaway during spring break this past week.

“More students than ever stayed on campus for the spring break,” Director of Wilson Commons and Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier said. “I definitely heard about more people going on trips in the past. A lot of students hung around campus to get work done and to study.”

Rush Rhees Library and other study areas were crowded for much of the break.

“I think a lot of people were here getting their work out of the way,” junior Jess William said. “I know the MCAT’s are coming up, so that might be why.”

On March 9, Wilson Commons hosted an Island Getaway with a live steel drum band, free smoothie samples, leis, giveaways and a Caribbean-themed lunch.

“Wilson Commons Wednesday was great,” Algier said. “Three hundred people attended. There was a lot going on around campus, too. [For one thing,] the basketball team was winning.”

The men’s basketball team advanced to the Final Four.

“There was a fairly good amount of students at the basketball game on Saturday against Union College,” freshman Jon Onyiriuka said. “There were more students here than I expected. However, overall they were mostly graduate students.”

Students were not excited to spend extra time on campus.

“It wasn’t exactly a fun break,” William said. “I would have rather gone away, but most people didn’t really have a choice.”

Aside from wishing they were away, many students complained about the lack of services that were open over the break.

The gym was open for four hours every day and the Pit and Java City cart were the only places where students could eat.

“I ate at the Pit for the entire week,” Onyiriuka said.

“That can get pretty boring after a while,” Onyiriuka said.

However, some sports teams, as well as many individuals, were away on tropical vacations.

The baseball team played in the UAA tournament in Sanford, Fla. for the week. “Every year the team goes to this tournament,” senior Mark Jakubowski said. “It’s a great time playing in the warm weather. We finished second in the tournament overall.”

The lacrosse team took a trip to a spring training camp in West Palm Beach, Fla. The team participated in Spring training, then played one game against Wesleyan College.

“On our day off, West Palm Beach had a record 3.5 inches of rain so we had team bonding bowling instead of going to the beach,” senior Rachel Hawley said.

“Overall I think people had a fun spring break,” Algier said. “Now we’re in the final stretch until summer.”

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