Has anyone else noticed the excessive amount of bird droppings that collect on the short path between Rivercampus and Park Lot every winter? After a good snow thaw the layer of bird droppings can virtually blanket the entire sidewalk. The smell is nauseating. Clearly, this is not the result of natural events uninflenced by human activity. Can the Campus Times get to the bottom of this mystery? Has someone been feeding these birds and causing them to congregate in such high density over Park Lot? If so, what are they feeding them!?

Anxiously waiting for answers, Arlen MollerGraduate Student, Clinical & Social Psychology

Rochester student wins main event prize at Stanford hackathon

Sid and his team created a bot that could be reached via Twitter DMs to nearby resources that help women suffering from domestic violence.

“The African Company” plays to the beat of its own drum

“The African Company” is a labor of passion for its material and commitment to its cause, and the hard work of its cast and crew pays off.

The best routine is the one you stick to

But even as we run from our past selves, we fall short once we realize the finish line is beyond years away, and our rushed pace is nothing but a one-way ticket to burnout.