Reading Leila Seghatoleslami’s letter, I felt compelled (by god?) to respond. She is absolutely correct. There is a strong media bias in this country. Its liberalism is obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes and see the truth that those liberal elites have been hiding from us. It is a testament to the glory and grace of our lord and savior that we have modest small town champions of the people such as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. They are moral pillars that we can all look up to. While the ivory tower, atheist, freedom-hating liberals are out getting drugged up and harassing innocent women, Bill and Rush are modern day Apostles, telling how things really are, and providing a beacon of truth by speaking most powerfully through their actions. The liberal spin put on every piece of news is abhorrent to me. Some have even gone so far as to question the Mandate that Republicans received in the recent election. If a 3% margin does not constitute a mandate, then I don’t know what does. Liberals need to fall in line and listen to the people. They must work in a bi-partisan way to approve everything on Bush’s agenda, anything less would be a partisan effort to divide the nation further. Some Liberal extremists in the media are now reporting that the death toll in Iraq may be up to 50,000 individuals. One-sided reports like this make me sick. How can they issue such a “news” piece without acknowledging that you cannot put a price on freedom? How many more Americans have to die before these idealistic hippies see the truth? On this campus the liberal blinders are everywhere. The mere word Republican elicits blind rage from liberals. The College Republicans were justified in pointing that out with their humorous and creative banner. If liberals think a good natured joke pointing out their hypocrisy and self-absorbed anger is hate-mongering, then shame on them. We have heard the good news and can see the way things really are. It is our god-given task as good Christians to help others see the truth. As long as we keep telling it, maybe a few of these Socialist dreamers will come back down to reality.I would like to let the liberals out there know that as foot soldiers of the lord, we care about you. We are filled with love and want to share that love with everyone else. For example, by defending the institution of marriage and protecting homosexuals from themselves, we are opening the doors of understanding, and helping them to realize the plans god has for them. It is only by living a life according to the will of god that we can truly be free, and isn’t freedom what liberalism is all about?

Patrick Brennanpb001k@mail.rochester.edu42351

Help, Geedis is leaking again

Geedis is softly whispering to you as you drift into sleep. There is a low growling sound coming from the trees. Will you do his bidding?

CT Eats: Golden Harvest serves gooey cinnamon rolls, bulky donuts for cheap

The donuts are the thickest I’ve ever seen, at approximately 1.5 inches, making the donut and the massive cinnamon roll well worth the $3.50.

System.out.println(“Coding on paper.”);

I enjoy the occasional coding problem, as the differently-colored special words scratch a certain itch deep, deep down in my monkey brain.