An Eastman School of Music undergraduate student was assaulted while walking to school on Oct. 12 at 10:25 a.m., according to UR Security. The student was walking on Pleasant Street near Liberty Pole Way when he was approached by a group of about 10 high school aged youths, according to Security.One of the youths made a demeaning remark about the student’s sexual orientation and then another youth punched the student, according to UR investigator Dan Lafferty.While the student’s face was bruised, he refused medical treatment, according to Security. The student also alerted the Residential Life Staff, who informed UR Security and the Rochester Police Department. Initial reports could not identify the group of youths, according to Security. However, the investigation is ongoing, as a police report was filed. Witnesses are encouraged to call Security or the RPD.Burton resident surprised by intruderA student residing in Burton Hall awoke when a suspect entered her room without authorization, shortly after 7 a.m. on Oct. 7, according to Lafferty.When asked what the suspect was doing in the room, the suspect replied that he thought the room was a custodian closet.On further investigation, the suspect was identified as a temporary building service worker assigned to the Residential Quad.The suspect is no longer working for the university. Meanwhile, the student filed a criminal complaint with the police, according to Lafferty.Nothing was stolen from the room and the student was not injured.Vehicle stolen from parking lot A Medical Center staff member reported that her vehicle had been stolen from Parking Area A, on Oct. 12 between 9:10 a.m. and 5:20 p.m. According to Security, further investigation did not reveal any details. And the police were notified, according to Lafferty.Repeat offenders banned from campus Security officers patrolling the campus noticed a vehicle stopped on Fraternity Road on Oct. 9 at 11:17 p.m.One of the occupants was observed carrying an open can of beer and trying to stuff five other cans of beer into his pants pockets, according to Security.According to Lafferty, the suspects were not affiliated with the university. Two of the suspects were recognized from previous incidents and were issued interim ban forms advising them to remain off the property.The three others were warned not to return to UR without legitimate purpose, according to Security.Information provided by UR Security.Madhur can be reached at can be reached at

A reality in fiction: the problem of representation

Oftentimes, rather than embracing femininity as part of who they are, these characters only retain traditionally masculine traits.

Dinner for Peace was an unconventional way of protesting for Palestine

The dinner showcased aspects of Palestinian culture. It was a unique way of protesting against the genocide, against the Israeli occupation, against the university’s involvement with the genocide.

Colin’s Review Rundown: Future and Metro Boomin, Lizzy McAlpine, Benson Boone, Civerous

Is it bad? Definitely not! But I found myself continually checking my phone to see how many tracks were left.