UR Security officers and the Rochester Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Munro House in Hill Court before 4 a.m. on Oct. 4, and Security noticed heavy smoke and residue from a fire extinguisher nearby upon their arrival. The fire was most likely deliberately set outside the door to suite 430 by an unknown suspect or suspects, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.Hearing the fire alarm, the residents of the suite tried to leave, but were forced to use the balcony when they saw flames outside the door. Despite this, all residents evacuated the area without any injuries, according to security.Seniors Paul Szymanski and Seth Berkowitz, who live on the fourth floor in Suite 440, stopped to fight the fire. “I grabbed a big pot, filled it with water from the sink and just put it out,” Berkowitz said. Szymanski then sprayed the fire with a fire extinguisher brought from home. “Someone was obviously targeting someone in 430, but they put the entire dorm in danger,” Berkowitz added. Fire investigators reported noticing traces of cardboard ash at the scene and possible residue from an accelerant, which they collected a sample of for testing.Investigators are currently working on some leads, but are asking for assistance from residents in the building or others who may have information. Anyone with information is strongly encouraged to call UR Security or the Rochester Fire Department, Lafferty said. Graduate student mugged at gunpointA graduate student was the victim of a robbery, which occurred at about 10:45 p.m. on Sept. 28. The attack was at Elmwood Avenue between South Plymouth Avenue and Genesee Street. The victim was walking home when approached from behind by two male suspects, according to UR Security. One of the suspects threatened the student with a small handgun, forced him to the ground, and demanded his money. The victim complied surrendering the cash from his wallet. The suspects then fled the area westbound towards Genesee Street, according to Lafferty. The victim contacted police from his residence after an attempt to use his cell phone failed. Police as well as a K-9 unit checked the area for the suspects with negative results, according to Lafferty. The victim was not injured, and anyone with information is encouraged to call UR Security or the Rochester Police department.Students streak on Fraternity QuadJust after midnight last Friday, two males were seen running naked around the Fraternity Quad, according to UR Security.They were later identified as undergraduates and members of Psi Upsilon, where their run began and ended. At this point, the incident is being treated as a dare. Information provided by UR Security.Levesque can be reached at clevesque@campustimes.org.

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