UR’s In Between the Lines Improvisational Comedy Troupe accepted the coveted Boar’s Head at the dinner, Dec. 4. “This is confirmation that all of our toilet and penis jokes have paid off,” senior and IBTL member Jeffrey Sachs said during his acceptance speech, accentuated by a burst of liquid from an unidentified administrator.IBTL received the award, which is given to a group for outstanding contributions to the university community, only four years after their inception. “We’re very active on campus,” senior and IBTL member Dave Polato said. “We provide entertainment every other week.” “We do community service,” senior and IBTL member Adam Litz said. The decision process for the Boar’s Head rests with the previous year’s recipient, in this case, Grassroots. “It’s like hippie organizations keeping it in the family,” junior and IBTL member Sara Cohen said. “We have two vegetarians in the troupe.” Every other week on Thursday night, IBTL performs in the Drama House at 10 p.m. Their style of comedy can be related to that seen on the TV show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?””We’re the ribbed condom of comedy – enhanced for your pleasure,” senior and IBTL member Sasha Goldberg said.”We have the same consistent fan base, but our shows are free and frequent,” junior and IBTL member Mike Borden said. “So if you haven’t been to a show, you have nothing to lose but a few hours of your life.”Students who wish to do more than simply observe their comic styling can attend open rehearsals twice a week or audition for the troupe. Tonight, from 10 p.m. to midnight, IBTL will hold auditions for the upcoming semester in Drama House.”The troupe is much smaller than it has been in previous years.The administration took notice and gave us a new member, [the Boar],” freshman and IBTL Meghan Crowley said. “We do still need more students.”Overall, the troupe is excited about the award and is looking forward to continuing to pursue comedy and community service. “We were surprised, but we are appreciative that we got noticed and we will not rest until we have the head of every single animal hanging on our wall,” Sachs said.Miller can be reached at amiller@campustimes.org.

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