In four separate incidents on Oct. 5, security responded to reports of intoxicated students. Students were transported from Wilder Tower, Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls and Gilbert Hall to Strong Memorial Hospital, according to UR security.

Two of the three underage students who were taken to Strong each reported drinking up to eight shots of vodka and rum. The third student’s alcohol consumption is not known.

The fourth student was a 21-year-old student found unconscious on the floor of a running shower in Crosby. According to Senior Security Investigator Dan Lafferty, officers were able to rouse the student.

MERT evaluated the student and allowed him to remain in his room.

Laptops stolen from Hoeing Hall

Two students reported thefts of laptop computers from Hoeing Hall, in separate incidents on Oct. 2. Both incidents occurred between midnight and 8:30 a.m., according to security.

Unlocked rooms on the first and third floor were entered while the students were sleeping. No other property was reported stolen.

The computers are estimated at $1,000 and $3,000, according to Lafferty. A police report has been made for both.

Man arrested

for trespassing

Forty-eight-year-old Rochester resident Robert Johnson was arrested for trespassing on Oct. 7 after being observed asking people for money on campus, according to security.

Johnson has no affiliation with the university and has been warned to stay off university property in the past.

He was removed from campus by responding RPD officers, according to UR Security.

Bathroom crawler eludes security

An unidentified male individual was discovered crawling under stalls in a Gilbert Hall womens’ restroom. A female student asked if she could help the individual, who immediately left the area when confronted.

According to Lafferty, the student alerted security and the individual was observed departing campus by way of the pedestrian foot bridge.

Security officers attempted to keep the suspect under observations until RPD officers could arrive, but the suspect eluded security.

Bottle rockets

ignited in Hoeing

Prior to 4:30 a.m. on Oct. 3, unidentified suspects ignited bottle rocket-like fireworks in the third floor of Hoeing Hall. According to Lafferty, a student residing in Hoeing reported that one of the items had been placed under the door to his room.

Burn marks were found on the carpeting in the hallway, where the items were apparently ignited. No individuals were injured, according to security.

The university fire marshal was notified.

Information provided by UR Security. Miller can be reached at

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