*** The following information has been sent to UNSC on 2-24-2003. The Bush administration has used war with Iraq to divert public’s attention and to cover-up his administration’s scandals and criminal act ***

To: United Nations Security Council Date: 2-24-2003

From: Chingchi Meng, 2411 Nina Street #2, West Covina, CA USA V: 6268399104

Subject: Requesting a Hearing Regarding Disarming Iraq and/or War with Iraq

Dear Members of U. N. Security Council and Citizens around the World:

This is an emergency. My life is in danger. I am under heavy surveillance by the FBI and local law enforcement. I feel it is my duty to report to you and the world about President Bush administration’s conspiracy of creating an international crisis by pushing the United Nations to disarm Iraq and/or war with Iraq in order to divert the public’s attention and to cover-up his administration’s shocking crime and mass murders of his own citizens.

My name is Chingchi Meng. I am a naturalized U. S. citizen of Chinese descent. My California driver license number is N8476885. My date of birth is 9-29-1954. I am a single parent. I am writing to request a hearing by the U.N. Security Council regarding President Bush administration’s serious criminal act, which includes without limitation, using DC sniper shootings and college student kidnappings to send death threats to my daughter and me to warn us not to expose the FBI’s anthrax conspiracy, using many random fatal shootings at innocent citizens in Los Angeles, Pomona and Riverside of California as their ongoing death threats against us. Meanwhile, the White House is using disarming Iraq and war with Iraq as a cover-up to occupy the public’s attention. Your immediate attention and action on this matter could save thousand or even more innocent people’s lives. I trust you will treat this correspondence with serious attention it warrants.

I was a correctional officer at the California Department of Corrections (“CDC”). In 1996, I was coerced to leave my duty because I opposed CDC’s ongoing unlawful employment practice and other criminal act. But in the year of 2000, when CDC was unable to contain their scandal and criminal act that related to my case, it was at this time that CDC asked the FBI for help to cover-up their crime.

The FBI and CDC’s ongoing criminal conduct against my family and other innocent citizens in this regard was overwhelmingly shocking; it includes without limitation, systematic intimidation and deprivation of civil liberties, planting a snake in one of my co-workers’ office, residential burglaries for information about their corruption and laundering tax payer’s fund through bogus training programs, altering and forging DMV records and staff sign-in sheet to cover-up their burglary plots, using police helicopter to harass and intimidate my family, stealing my correspondences and forging delivery confirmation records, forging two U. S. Senators’ letters (Feinstein and Schumer), forging 3 FBI supervisors’ letters, forging several Department of Justice’s letters, forging Governor’s letters, and forging one White House Counsel’s letter.

In addition, in order to ensure their tight control of their scandal, they coerced and/or bribed my former co-workers, friends, relatives, my daughter’s friends and public officials to fabricate evidence against me. They used the fabricated evidence to obtainsecret search and surveillance warrants against my daughter and me. They planted four sophisticated electronic vehicle-tracking devices in my car, and several microphones and mini cameras in my house to control my movement and contain their criminal act. They attempted to arrest me and place me in the psychiatric ward to destroy my credibility.

In September and October of 2001, after numerous criminal attempts to destroy me had failed, the FBI under deputy director Thomas Pickard in a desperate attempt, planted the anthrax in the mails and sent to several major media (NBC, CBS, ABC and New York Post) and two U.S. Senators (Daschle and Leahy) to terrify and disrupt the media and Congress’ daily function, so FBI could thwart my reports to these two institutions.

On 10-25-2001, a report of this matter was made to President Bush and sent to several of his cabinet members by fax. I asked them to forward my report to President Bush immediately. After I sent out the report, not only did the Attorney General Ashcroft take no corrective action, but also the criminal and retaliatory act against my family by the FBI and CDC then further intensified.

On or about 10-29-2001, Attorney General Ashcroft announced to the public that there is an imminent attack by Al-Qaeda against United States’ interests within a week. I believe that the White House instructed Ashcroft to use terrorist attack to cover-up FBI’s anthrax conspiracy because Bush administration knew that the American people and the world would be outrageous if they found out that the FBI had committed terrorist act against their own country by using biological weapon (anthrax) to poison innocent citizens in order to cover-up their crime. As such, not only Bush’s presidency would be in crisis, but also the integrity and leadership of the United States in the world would be seriously damaged. Therefore, they have to lie to the public to cover-up Tom Pickard’s mess.

On or about 10-31-2001, the FBI and CDC conspired with two real estate agents Richard and Janine Kirchnavy, a title officer John Martindale and an attorney Thomas Ritchie to sabotage the selling of my home. They used a mistakenly documented lien ($25,000.00)to lie to me that I cannot sell my house and they told me that they are unable to clear this lien, and further told me that I have to file a lawsuit to clear this troubled lien. But on 11-01-2001, I had cleared this lien myself, and I delivered a copy of this lien to Mr. Kirchnavy in person. Less than two hours later, Governor Davis announced to public that there is a credible threat of terrorist attack against 4 California bridges within one week.

The FBI and CDC were panicked when they learned that I had cleared the lien and they feared that I would expose their crime to the public, so they asked Governor Davis (his jurisdiction) used the same old trick of “terrorist threat” to cover-up this crime.Besides the anthrax scandal, in May and July of 2002, the Bush administration was faced strong criticism by the public for failure to detect intelligence signs of 911 attacks, and coupled with corporate scandals and sluggish economy. All these signs pointed to Bush administration’s poor performance and ineffective leadership. This, I believe, had worried them deeply. Therefore, to cover-up the scandals and to control the damage were their first internal agenda; and to control the scandal of my case was their priority. They had to do it before the 2002 mid-term election because Bush wanted his Republican Party to win control of the Senate and the House. This act also benefited Davis’ election.

In year of 2002, FBI and CDC (California Highway Patrol might join them too) continued monitoring my telephones, planting microphones and mini cameras in my apartment ceilings, planting vehicle tracking-device in my car, and stealing my mails that addressed to the media and public officials. They continued to intimidate and deprive the civil liberties of my ill mother, my daughter and me.

In or about August of 2002, when they learned that some of my mails had gone through to the media without being intercepted, and Dr. Steven Hatfill who had been framed by the FBI as “a person of interest” for anthrax incident, also received my report; furthermore, not only I had found the fourth electronic tracking device in my car, but I also had discovered several of their criminal acts. As such, they feared the truth would soon be known by the public; they not only worried about their careers, but also they did not want to jeopardize Bush party’s election; likewise, CDC did not want to ruin Governor Davis

‘ re-election too. Therefore, they decided to take extreme measures to warn me not to expose their crimes to the public, particularily, before the 2002 mid-term election. The FBI and CDC plotted to use random sniper shootings to intimidate my daughter and me. This plot was sanctioned, I believe, by Attorney General John Ashcroft, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, FBI Director Robert Mueller with the assistance from Governor Davis who provided with CDC snipers in this plot. In fact, these four men are axis of evil because they issued a license to kill to FBI and CDC.

Prior to the DC sniper shootings, the FBI and CDC had selected John Muhammad and John Lee Malvo to be framed as scapegoats for this shocking crime. These two innocent men’s names were already in the FBI’s database because someone had reported their alleged terrorist statement to the FBI in June of 2002 in Tacoma, Washington. FBI and CDC had found Muhammad and Malvo were perfect scapegoats for this sniper plot.In addition, the FBI and CDC, I believe, had also framed Muhammad and Malvo for several other robberies in order to link those crimes to the sniper shootings and to further discredit these two innocent men and to convince the public. The details of Muhammad and Malvo’s situation will be revealed to you and the public at the hearing.

According to information, the FBI did not want to pull the trigger. They did not want their bureau and Attorney General Ashcroft to be linked with this crime. Thus, FBI asked CDC to provide snipers since CDC started the mess first. The real DC snipers I believe were CDC officer Adam Martinez (Hispanic) and officer Andrew Lazarus (Black); they were CDC prison’s Special Emergency Response Team (SERT). They were well trained prison snipers. I believe they were assisted by Captain Steven Mahalyi (white), Lieutenant Robert Ruis (White), and a white female (she could be Capt. Mahalyi or Lt. Ruis’ wife or Officer Michelle Urban). They were all my former co-workers at CDC.

On 10-02-2002, Wednesday at about 2 pm (Pacific Time), I walked into a Kinko’s copy shop in San Diego, California to fax a letter to someone not related to this matter. I believe when they saw me walked into the Kinko’s shop, they thought that I was going to fax my report to the media and public officials. As such, they immediately activated their premeditated sniper shooting plot to send a death threat to my daughter and me.

The DC sniper shootings began on Wednesday, October 2, 2002 at about 5:20 pm (ET), about 20 minutes after my fax in San Diego. Adam Martinez and Andrew Lazarus rotated to shoot and kill innocent citizens randomly, and Mahalyi, Ruis and the white female assisted the mass murders. Prior to the end of this shootings, on 10-13-02, at about 11pm (PT), there was one shooting incident occurred near to my office (I work evening shift at a foster home in Pomona), and another shooting incident occurred near to my home. It was clear that they wanted to make sure that I got their death threat messages. In addition, in the morning of 10-14-02, I travelled to Los Angeles to fax my report to several major media and public officials, including Mr. Douglas Duncan, Police Chief Charles Moose in Montgomery County, Maryland, and Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. I believe the FBI and CDC were informed of my report. They quickly launched a counter measure by shooting and killing a FBI analyst Linda Franklin to demonstrate that they were not involved. I believe the sniper that killed Linda Franklin was Adam Martinez. He was observed by at least two witnesses at the shooting scene. FBI played a crucial role in covering-up and intimidating witnesses, especially to Mr. Matthew Dowdy. Dowdy saw a Hispanic man shot and killed Linda. I believe Mr. Dowdy was coerced to change his statement because his statement would ruin the White House’s plot.

After they killed Linda Franklin, they wanted to wrap up this mess quickly because I had already exposed them. On 10-24-02, Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in a rest stop. But the Police did not know that they have arrested two innocent men. The FBI and CDC had killed 10 and seriously wounded 3 innocent citizens in these mass murders.After the DC shootings came to an end, these CDC employees did not go home to California, instead, they travelled to Minnesota to conduct their next wave of murders to continue sending death threat to us. They kidnapped 4 college students between 10-30-02 and 11-09-02 (Erika Dalquist, Christopher Jenkins, Michael Noll and Josh Guimond). They used kidnappings to threaten my daughter (a college student) and me.

They chose Minnesota because I believe there were several reasons for that. First, about in May of 2002, Coleen Rowley, a FBI agent in Minnesota accused her bosses in DC Headquarter for failure to handle an alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui’s case. Secondly, in October of 2002, Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plan crash. These two incidents made Minnesota a national focus at that time. The FBI and CDC believed that the kidnapping incident in Minnesota at this time would attract my attention. And finally, one of the most important reasons is that a former CDC officer, Kathy J. Darsie who lives in Minnesota. She resigned from CDC after her involvement in the burglary incident on my house. I believe that CDC has paid her secretly all this time. Her last known address was 14183 Heather Street NW, Andover, MN 55304. Darsie’s house is close to Minneapolis and near freeway 94 where the 4 college aged youths were missing. I have some crucial evidence to link FBI and CDC’s involvement with these 4 college student kidnappings, and I will reveal them to you and the public at the hearing.

After these CDC employees came back to California, their ongoing death threat against my daughter and me has continued. Between November of 2002 and February of 2003, there were several fatal shootings in Los Angeles and Pomona. According to news, several people were shot and killed at late night while walking on the Holt Blvd. in Pomona which near to my office (I work evening shift in Pomona); and several people were shot and killed while sitting, sleeping and driving in their cars in early morning in Los Angeles area (I used internet and fax in Los Angeles and I often slept in the car). The detail will be reported to you at the hearing.

On January 2, 2003, at about 7 pm (PT), a 73 years old retired professor, Dr. Brian John Jacques was fatally shot through his bedroom window at his house in Riverside city. Police has no clues on this shooting. I am sure this shooting was carried out by CDC as a death threat to me because their surveillance cameras had picked up I was preparing a document related to them. They chose a victim in Riverside was to indicate to me that they did the shooting because the Mahalyi’s team all live in Riverside. To shoot and kill Dr. Jacques through his bedroom window was to warn me because I often sit on my sofa which is close to two large windows that near to the street. They have their cameras watch my daughter and me constantly, and they know how to plot the threat against us.

I believe FBI and CDC probably have murdered about 30 innocent people already. The killing will continue because Governor Davis, FBI Director Mueller, Attorney General Ashcroft and Homeland Security Secretary Ridge do not want to take any corrective action on this matter. They fear if the truth came out which will not only destroy their careers and Bush’s Presidency, but will also anger the American people and the world about their terrorist acts against their own citizens. The FBI and CDC had poisoned, killed and kidnapped our children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents to just save their jobs and their bosses’ jobs. They have no regard for human life. This is absolutely shocking and outrageous. This killing spree has to be stopped and the justice has to be served now. I am asking you to grant me a hearing at the U.N. Security Council as soon as possible because I believe Bush’s administration is using Iraq crisis to cover-up h

is administration’s mass murders. Meanwhile, I am also asking my fellow Americans and Congress to investigate this matter swiftly, so we can restore the nation’s integrity.

Finally, I pray for all the victims’ families and the world peace.Respectfully submitted, Chingchi Meng, U. S. CitizenCC: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy, U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, All U.S. ANSWER Offices, Mayors of New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, FOX News, Associated Press, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, New York Post, Washington Times, Boston Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, San Diego Union-Tribune, Miami Herald, Local Public Officials, All Victims’ Families ________________________________________________________________ 911 911 911

The Conspiracy behind Bush’s War with Iraq April 9, 2003 (Revised)

A. Using war with Iraq to cover-up his administration’s scandals:

1. Failure to detect 911 attacks.2. The FBI’s anthrax attacks on media and Congress to block my mails to them.3. Ongoing deprivation of my family’s civil liberty, abusing power, and mass murdering of innocent citizens.4. Corporate scandals.5. Sluggish economy.

B. Using National Security Warrant to surveillance my family to contain their crimes:

1. Intercepting, monitoring and blocking my mails, phone calls, faxes and e-mails.2. Planting electronic tracking devices in my car including satellite tracking-devices.3. Planting mini-cameras, X-ray or heat traced cameras and microphones in my house, office and my neighbors’ houses to conduct illegal surveillance.4. Issuing several bogus terrorist threats to divert public’s attentions.

C. Creating international terrorist attacks to frame Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein in order to rally allies and United Nations’ support for war with Iraq:

1. The bombing of a French tanker in Yemen in October of 2002.2. The car bomb in Bali, Indonesia in October of 2002, which killed 188 people.3. Attacking American troops in Kuwait in October of 2002 to frame Al-Qaeda for the responsibility.

D. Using mass murders and college student kidnappings to threaten my daughter and me to contain their scandals and crimes:

1. DC sniper shooting in October of 2002. John Muhammad and Malvo are innocent. They were framed by John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller. The real snipers were officer Adam Martinez and officer Andrew Lazarus from the California Department of Corrections, in which is my former employer.2. College student kidnappings (4) in Minnesota in October and November of 2002.3. Ongoing random fatal shootings at innocent citizens in West Covina (my residence), Pomona (my office), Los Angeles, Lynwood (places I use computer), and Riverside. Author: Chingchi Meng, 2411 Nina Street #2, West Covina, CA 91792 Tel: 6268399104California driver license number: N8476885. DOB: 9-29-1954.

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