I know that it’s late and you guys are probably done with the April Fools issue. (Or at least, if it’s been like past years, the deadline was today, but it won’t be done until Wednesday at 8 p.m.)

However, if you don’t mind the suggestions of a pushy alumnus, then I would like to strongly lobby to have you guys include the concepts of “regime change” “shock and awe” “axis of evil” and “evildoers” in an article someplace.


Obviously this is NOT a letter to the editor

In The Spotlight: “The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We”

Each song masterfully blends the natural acoustic and orchestral elements of the album with Mitski’s poetically devastating lyricism.

Why you should care about fantasy football

I don’t root for a particular professional team, but I pay attention to NFL games every week because I care about my fantasy team winning.

Greene Center holds Career Clothing Closet open house

The Clothing Closet is completely donation based, with many board members, faculty, staff, and community members providing contributions.