Please do not publish this, I just want a response to my question. Does anyone edit the campus times before it goes to print? On a normal week, I just make fun of all the typos and messed up quotes and whatnot. This past week, was a week I was going to save the campus times for the rest of my life. I was athlete of the week. Number 1, they got my time completely wrong, why should I save something that says I ran 3 full seconds slower than I did. Number 2, in the article you quote me, but I never talked to anyone from the campus times. I never said what I am quoted for. This is the 4th time this year I have seen someone quoted who never said the things they were quoted for. How does that happen? My good friend was quoted saying something he never said and it almost got him in trouble with a student organization on campus. My question is, does anyone edit this paper and if you are going to quote someone, please do it right. You make people sound ignorant. For example, last week, you quoted the men’s track coach and inserted your own words trying to convey to the public what he really meant, and completely changed the meaning of his sentence. I guess that’s all.Katie O’Brien

Why Delaware isn’t real

It would look pretty bad for Biden if he had no political experience before becoming Vice President, right? He would have had no credibility.

Yayoi Kusama’s INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM invites oblivion

The “Infinity Mirror Room” only allows people to stay for one to one-and-a-half minutes, it feels like one is completely alone in the oblivion of oneself

The college ranking debacle

The whole college system is a business, and these rankings are no exception.