On Sunday at 11:15 p.m. a UR student approached his friend’s car to find an unknown suspect inside the vehicle.

The suspect then fled the car and got in a car parked on Wilson Blvd, according to UR security Investigator Dan Lafferty.

A student security aid chased the suspect and a license plate number was obtained.

There was some damage to the car, a 2001 Acura Integra. Damage is estimated around $250, according to Ur Security. The victim filed a report with the Rochester Police Department.

Graduate student’s lap top stolen from HylanOn the seventh floor of Hylan Hall on Monday a laptop, palm pilot and zip drive were stolen. The estimated value was $1,920, according to security.

The room had been left for ten minutes. According to UR Security, the lap top contained research that spanned four years. Anyone with information is urged to contact UR Security.

Man arrested on trespassing chargesA 45 year-old man, Novalus Reese, was arrested on Thursday for trespassing. He was found on the Eastman School of Music’s Annex. Reese has been warned twice before for being in the annex without reason, according to security.

Nurse robbed near Kendrick Lot by unidentified suspectA nurse was robbed while walking to her car parked in Kendrick Lot. The nurse reports a black SUV drove past her and then slowed down, according to security.

The victim had been walking down Castleman when the incident occurred.

The suspect reportedly pushed the nurse and then grabbed her purse. A police report was filed and the victim was not injured.

Laptop stolen from ITS Center from officeA staff member reported that his laptop was stolen from ITS Center on Monday. The lap top was stolen from an unattended room on a locked stand, according to Lafferty. The computer was valued at $1,800, according to UR Security.Information provided by UR Security.

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