Members of the Eastman percussion group Amphion, senior Mike Moran, junior Sean Connors, sophomore Robert Marino and senior Peter Zlotnick, give visitors to Wilson Commons a preview of their upcoming perfomance. Amphion will be playing at the Eastman School of Music this Sunday, Feb. 2, in the Annex 902.

Notes by Nadia: The joys of college

My most favorite part of being a college student is delaying the inevitable: becoming an actual adult.

CT Recaps: The MLB regular season

After six long months of play, Major League Baseball’s 2023 regular season has come to an end. Before the playoffs start, let's recap.

Hasan Minhaj and the credibility complex

At the end of the day, Minhaj is not a journalist — but to some, he is. His credibility as a source matters because he chooses to portray himself as such.