My boyfriend’s penis is really large. I actually measured it one day and found out it has a circumference of 6.5 inches. It’s so frustrating because I want to have sex with him, but it won’t fit in me. What should we do? — Trying to Master his Johnson

Don’t we all wish we had a problem like this? Just kidding.

This must be a frustrating situation for you both, but do not give up hope yet, little one. Your sex life just needs some experimentation.

Since the vagina has the capability of stretching an enormous amount for the purpose of childbirth, technically his penis can fit inside you. But, I would guess that most women do not find childbirth to be very pleasurable. Furthermore, it often involves tearing. Not a very erotic feeling.

Taking into account the measurement you provided, vaginismus — a sexual difficulty involving contractions of the vagina that make penetration very difficult — is probably not the culprit.

However, your preoccupation with the magnitude of his apparatus might contribute some anxiety to your sexual encounters, causing the muscles to become tense.

There are a number of ways to make things work smoothly, sexually.

First, forget about his size and lose yourself in sensation. Become experts in mutual masturbation. Improve your hand job and oral sex skills. Indulge your fantasies with accessories and tools. Try outercourse — have him thrust his penis between your breasts or thighs — a great location for stimulating the clitoris.

Before attempting intercourse though, you should be amply aroused and lubricated.

If lubrication is not sufficient, try KY jelly. Make sure to lather it on copiously.

Also I suggest that you be on top, so that you can guide his penis as you lower yourself on to him at your own pace. Use your weight and gravity to do the work, while taking care not to injure your partner.

Don’t let a gigantic cock get in the way of your relationship. Remember sex isn’t always easy, and it involves give and take. But hey, at least you’re not dating a golden potto, a distant, night-climbing primate cousin of monkeys and apes. Their large penises are covered in spikes, knobs and bristles! — Joan

Hey, I’m a senior, and I live in a suite with five other guys. We’re all pretty manly and all that. We drink a lot and talk about women, but when I take a shower, I think one of my suitemates tries to look at me when I get in and out. I feel like he’s watching. What should I do? — Afraid to Bend Over in Anderson

Since this guy hasn’t clearly invaded your privacy or assaulted you in any way, this is something that is up to you to deal with on your own. There is no use bringing it up with the suspected peeper if you have no concrete evidence.

All you can do is become a little more private about your showering routine. If you feel the situation escalates even after your attempts at being more discrete, have a chat with the voyeur and let him know how you feel. — Joan

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