Get ready to see some outrageous acts from six of the best screaming drag queens of Western New York at this year’s annual “UR a Drag” show Friday night.

To follow the success of last year’s show, Pride Network has put together an even bigger and better lineup of six queens ? Ambrosia Salad, Aysha Black, Darienne Lake, Lexxus, Naiomy Kane and Pandora Boxx.

“I think the drag shows are important because they raise awareness on campus,” senior and Pride Network Social Director Nasser Al-Qatami said. “Further, it is a really fabulous time ? it’s like a comedy show with music and dance and is just generally a fun experience.”

Last year’s show was sold out with over 300 in attendence. It featured hilarious acts such as a Madonna medley by Pandora Boxx and a rendition of Oasis’s “Champagne Supernova” by Ambrosia Salad. Aysha Black even appeared wearing nipple tassels for her performance of Li’l Kim’s “How Many Licks.”

“It’s not an everyday event ? it’s something different on this very conservative campus,” sophomore Ileah Welch said of last year’s event.

“I thought it was mad fun and [this year] I am inviting my family,” Welch said.

This year’s drag show will feature two acts of six songs each separated by a question-and-answer session. Each queen will perform two songs.

Pride Network is the sole sponsor of the event which, according to Al-Qatami, they hope will serve to raise awareness on campus as well as be fun for all who attend.

Tickets for “UR a Drag” can be purchased at the Common Market and are $5 for UR undergraduates and $6 for members of the general public.

Severs can be reached at



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