The Water Street Music Hall, located downtown, is a place where mohawks and checkered pants are always in style.

I had my most recent chance to experience the abject fun that is a punk show this past Monday, as Reel Big Fish took the stage with The Starting Line and The Kicks.

The Kicks got things rolling with a distinctly emo sound and although their vocals left a little to be desired, they proved to be a decent opening act.

After a ridiculously long set break, the Pennsylvania-based band The Starting Line started their set to a loud ovation, mostly for frontman Kenny Vasoli.

TSL opened with a song from their debut album, “Say It Like You Mean It,” titled “Given the Chance.”

During their set they played a variety of songs from this album and their EP, from the slower “The Drama Summer” to the upbeat “Up and Go.” They finished with “Leaving,” which had the entire crowd jumping.

After another ridiculous break, Reel Big Fish came out to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Reel Big Fish, for those of you who were too drunk to remember their D-Day set, is a ska band with influences in punk, reggae and other genres.

They played for nearly two hours from their entire repertoire, from “Everything Sucks” to “Where Have You Been?” and everything in between, including a birthday song to roadie Milo.

They also dedicated a version of “Valerie” to TSL, with whom they traded much trash-talking, despite the fact that TSL has been putting the band up since the Reel Big Fish tour bus exploded last Saturday.

Reel Big Fish’s latest, “Cheer Up!” and The Starting Line’s “Say It Like You Mean It” are available now.

TSL will be returning to Water Street on Dec. 15, with Taking Back Sunday, The Reunion Show and Northstar.

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