The Students’ Association Senate has granted $12,000 toward the purchase of DVDs for the Multimedia Center’s collection. The collection currently has only around 200 DVDs.

With the new money over 700 DVDs will be purchased for student use. This is a fine example of SA money being used for the benefit of the school community at large. While the selection now is good, the added funding should allow the selection to be both diverse and thorough.

Accessibility is a huge factor for many students. The Multimedia Center is right here on campus where students without cars can go on a regular basis.

In addition this service is free to students, making this one of the best ways to spend SA funding. DVDs are a reusable resource that will be valued for many years.

This expense comes from the student activity fee, and will effectively cost as much as renting one video from Blockbuster per student, but for unlimited rentals all year.

If students don’t pay the $90 for on-campus cable, they can still get commercial free entertainment. With the new expanded DVD library, one doesn’t need a car or a huge wallet to enjoy the latest DVD releases.

We suggest that SAAC budget a smaller yearly fund for the upkeep of the collection, and that the multimedia center reinvest DVD late fees into the collection as well. With these steps, this program can be a success for years to come.

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