Being a typical UR student with a massive amount of declining dollars and little chance to get off campus, I do a majority of my shopping at the Corner Store. Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but it gets the job done, right?

Maybe that isn’t so true. Sure, the Corner Store has a decent selection of groceries and other essentials ? but a lot could be done to improve the store, making it serve a better function to the students of UR.

Imagine entering the Corner Store and not having to wedge yourself in, trying not to run into a few other shoppers and avoiding knocking the refrigerators over. Or going out in the middle of the night to pick up a soda and a pack of Dunkaroos for that late night snack during a long study session.

There are two main problems with the store as it is now. The most obvious is the size and location, followed by the hours. So what can be done? Well, it’s more than obvious that the size of the store needs to be expanded, or that it should be moved. Why not use part of the bottom of Douglass Dining Center as the Corner Store? Or move it out of the building it’s currently housed in altogether?

Have you ever heard of the Hillside Dining Center? You know, that fairly large open area that isn’t really used in Susan B. Anthony? Since it appears that Sue B. is a central location on campus, why not move the Corner Store from its current location to that area? It would be a much better utilization of currently unused space. It would be closer to students living in Towers, and only a slightly longer walk for students on the Quad than the current location. With a much larger space to use, everyone would benefit.

This leads into the other problems with the Corner Store as it is now. The hours, although somewhat extended, are still too restricted. The only place on campus to go after midnight is the ITS Center lab, or the Corner Store until it closes at 1 a.m. depending on the day. It is doubtful that 100 percent of UR students are asleep at this time and are no longer looking for food services ? by having at least one location on campus open it gives students a place to go on a late night food run.

In general, moving the Corner Store would allow more people to shop at once, along with more product space so the store can offer a wider selection. With more to sell and more customers, the store has better sales. With a larger location, longer hours and providing a better selection, students could have a good option for shopping that doesn’t require transportation off campus. These changes benefit everyone, and could make living on campus that much easier.

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