Two suspects stole the soccer game’s ball when a player kicked it out of bounds during last Wednesday’s men’s soccer match, security reports.

“A suspect jumped the fence into the stadium, grabbed the ball, and kicked it to a second suspect waiting on the hill outside the fence,” UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

The first suspect jumped back to the Susan B. Anthony Residence Hall side of the fence and joined his accomplice in running away from the game.

A security officer who witnessed the incident called for assistance and then began pursuing the suspects.

“The suspects ran through Library Lot and at this point, one ran across the parking lot toward the cemetery fence and the second turned and started running westbound on Intercampus Drive,” Lafferty said.

One of the suspects was found injured in the cemetery. Apparently, he was hurt on the fence. He was taken by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital. The second suspect was not found.

The injured suspect, a SUNY Brockport student, claimed to be on campus to watch the game with friends.

The ball was recovered and returned to the team. No criminal charges were filed, security said.

Suspects allegedly burgle Corner Store

UR Security officers responded Saturday to an anonymous report of persons attempting to break into the Corner Store. Officers found two undergraduate students leaving Frederick Douglass Building, which houses the store.

Security reports the two students had food in their possession. One of the suspects had a backpack that was found to contain 36 beef patties, 2 fruit drinks and a loaf of bread.

The other student was found to have 5 fruit drinks and a loaf of bread in another backpack. A pencil sharpener, Palm computer and calculator were also found in the second backpack. The student, however, claimed that they were his property.

“The suspects told officers they accessed the building through an already broken window and took the items from an unlocked juice refrigerator inside the dining facility,” Lafferty said.

Officers later found the broken window they claim to have used. Police officers also responded and spoke with the students.

No charges have been pressed.

The stolen food is valued around $25. Damages to the screen are valued at about $100.

“Both students were warned and advised, and this matter has been referred to the Dean of Students office for further review,” Lafferty said.

Laptop stolen from Wilder room

A Wilder Tower resident reports that his laptop was stolen from his room early Friday afternoon.

“The area had been open and there had been a gathering in the area during the time frame of the theft,” the victim told security.

The computer was valued at an estimated $2,585 and the victim filed a police report.

Bicycle stolen from Dewey rack

A UR graduate student reports that his bike was stolen from the bike rack at Dewey Hall last Tuesday.

According to security, a cable lock had secured the bike.

A separate unsecured bicycle was found at the location. Security collected this bike for safekeeping.

“It is not known whether or not the suspect responsible for the theft simply dropped one bike and stole another,” Lafferty said.

The stolen bike was valued at $519. The victim filed a police report, security said.

Information provided by UR Security.

The Clothesline Project gives a voice to the unheard

The Clothesline Project was started in 1990 when founder Carol Chichetto hung a clothesline with 31 shirts designed by survivors of domestic abuse, rape, and childhood sexual assault.

UR Softball continues dominance with sweeps of Alfred University and Ithaca College

The Yellowjackets swept Alfred University on the road Thursday, winning both games by a score of 5–4.

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Hippo Campus’ performance was a well-needed break from the craze of finals, and just as memorable as their name would suggest.