Spring internship held in NYC

The department of Art and Art History at the University of Rochester will offer spring internships to New York City to all qualified junior and senior students interested in learning about the production, distribution, and exhibition of artwork.

Students will receive a total of 16 credits for the semester ? eight will be for the internship, and four each for the colloquium and elective course.

“Integral to the Department of Art and Art History’s belief in the marriage of theory and practice, the program offers an exciting opportunity for career development to prospective artists, art historians, museum and gallery professionals, and curators, those who envision a career in art journalism, arts administration and management, advertising, or those who simply wish to gain an insider’s perspective on the art world,” a release said.

Interested applicants should contact the Department of Art and Art History for an application form.

Undergraduate writing colloquium contest held

A contest will be sponsored by the college writing center for the best papers in four different categories. Cash prizes will be rewarded to the writers of the best papers in four different categories.

The divisions will include humanities, social sciences, natural and applied sciences and the best CAS 105/105E paper.

Students should submit their papers along with a cover sheet by Friday, April 19 to the College Writing Center.

Questions can be directed to the College Writing Center Coordinator Esther Lopez, who can be reached at emlz@mail.rochester.edu.

Prizes will be awarded at a reception that will take place on May 3.

Concert to benefit World Education Fund for Women

“Concert for the Cause” will be held in the Hive Pub in Wilson Commons on Thursday, April 18 and on Friday, April 19 beginning at 8 p.m. each night.

The event is sponsored by the Pub Committee, the Music Interest Floor, Community Service Network, Community Living Center, UR Concerts, Womens’ Caucus, Delta Upsilon, Tiernan, Black Students’ Union and the College Republicans.

Cash donations will be accepted with all proceeds going toward the World Education Fund for Women to help raise female enrollment in schools throughout the world.

Performers will include Dan Quinn, Evan Merz, Jack Collins, Eric Taylor Afro-Brazilian Drum Ensemble and Who is Johnny Flavor Jeans?

For more information, contact Seth Baum at sb001i@mail.rochester.edu, x44290 or visit the Web site at www.sa.rochester.edu/csn/wefw.

The event will be SA funded.

Different e-mail addresses available to students

E-mail can be sent to members of the UR community via rochester.edu, a change from sending e-mails to addresses with endings of mail.rochester.edu.

E-mail can also be sent to addresses ending with uhura.cc.rochester.edu, as well, according to ITS Programmer Joseph Pasquarelli.

Reporting by Chadwick Schnee and Karen Taylor.

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