I have this thing for my biology lab TA. I’ve never wanted to go to lab so badly before. I have a feeling he wants me too, by the way he flirts with me. Is it ok for us to date? ? Hot For Teacher

UR’s policy advocates against sexual or romantic relationships between students and any members of the university that evaluate or supervise them. Even though they are consensual, these relationships are discouraged because of the risk of favoritism or sexual harassment.

If you can easily change to another lab, I say go for it. Bring out the push-up bra and start batting those eyelashes. Never miss an opportunity for some loving. Maybe he can even tutor you in bed. “Aaaah ? say my genus, bitch! ? oh yeah ? oh yeah!”

However, if it is impossible to switch to a different lab, be very careful. It would not be fair to the rest of the students if he was giving you higher grades on that Nasonia lab report (you know ? the one about wasp mating behavior), because he observed your cross-species knowledge.

On the other hand, if the attempted relationship ends in disaster early on ? specifically, while he is still your TA ? he might be biased against you when appraising your academic performance.

Overall, it is not a wise idea to date someone who will be assigning you a grade and imparting knowledge on behalf of the university, an institution which should be taken extremely seriously. ? Joan

Valentine’s Day makes me sad. I have no boyfriend and no one likes me. How can I survive the day without being miserable? ? Sullen Girl

Valentine’s Day is just like every other day of the year. There might be a few more chocolate hearts and red roses, but birds are not singing more than usual, Cupid is not flying around shooting people in the ass and not every couple is having a romantic candlelight dinner along the banks of the Genesee.

I suggest making a date with your friends, eating as much candy as you want and giving out valentines to everyone and their mother. May I suggest Scooby-Doo Valentine cards? Give at least three to crushes you rarely talk to.

Save the teacher card for someone extra special. People are flattered by unexpected gifts and will probably respond cordially. Save the black clothes and dark sunglasses for another day, and try to make the most of a meant-to-be fun holiday. ? Joan

If you have any love and relationship questions that are literally, ummm ? burning, they can be sent to the love goddess herself, Joan Knihnicki. She can be reached at jknihnicki@campustimes.org.

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