An undergraduate student notified security that a beer can struck the front of his car around 1 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 7 near Kendrick House.

The student identified a large group of persons standing on a balcony above the car with similar beer cans.

There was also saliva and other unidentified liquids all over the hood and roof of the vehicle.

The officers arrived at the suite as several people were leaving. One of the suite residents was identified and informed officers that he had a get together for a few friends and several other persons he did not know arrived as well. The student informed the officers that the group of people who had left had been on the balcony prior to the officer?s arrival.

The student told officers that he would clear the rest of the persons off the balcony.

Officers went downstairs and observed an individual urinating off the balcony. Responding back to the suite, officers cleared all non-residents from the suite.

There was no apparent damage to the student?s vehicle.

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