Spend Friday evening celebrating black history with the Black Students’ Association in the May Room of Wilson Commons for an evening of dinner and entertain-ment.

The celebration will begin at 5:30 p.m., with dinner at 6 p.m. Dinner will consist of an assortment of traditional African-American foods and delicacies.

Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration held from Dec. 26th through Jan. 1st. It was started in 1966 by Doctor Maulana Karenga, professor at California State University.

Karenga searched for ways to bring African-Americans together as a community. After researching African celebrations, Karenga combined aspects of several different harvest celebrations into one ? Kwanzaa.

BSU’s celebration at UR will feature a talk by Professor of African-American Studies Cheryl Hendricks as well as student dance and song performances.

Tickets are $8 each and can be purchased at the Common Market or at the door.

For more information on the event, contact the BSU office at x53068.

Roberts can be reached at rroberts@campustimes.org.

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