The women’s volleyball team traveled to the University of Chicago for the University Athletic Association Championships this past weekend and concluded what turned out to be a dismal year.

The Yellowjackets ended up with a tournament record of 1-3 with their only win coming against Case Western Reserve University ? the only team they beat in round robin play. UR finished seventh overall.

The round-robin UAA tournament started on Sept. 22 at Washington University in St. Louis . The second round of the tournament was played at Carnegie Mellon University Oct 6.

Last weekend was the final UAA tournament of the season as well as the last match for the Yellowjackets.

The Yellowjackets started out with the top seed from Emory University.

Emory showed its strength by sweeping UR 30-7, 30-7 and 30-16. Sophomore Melissa Arms led the team defensively by tallying up five digs.

The second match Saturday placed UR against yet another UAA powerhouse ? Washington University.

And once again the Yellowjackets fell hard with scores of 30-12, 30-16 and 30-10.

Seniors Megan Harvey and Rachel Billings showed their leadership and helped keep the team in the match. Harvey had seven digs and Billings lead the team in offensive kills with four.

In the final match of the day, the Yellowjackets continued their day of improvement.

The Spartans of Case Western Reserve University couldn’t stop the improving Yellowjackets.

In the end, the Yellowjackets beat Case Western in five sets. This match-up was a busy one for the statistician.

Four players racked up double-figures in the digs department and three different players tallied up double digits in kills.

In the second day of matches UR was up against the University of Chicago in their final match of the tournament and final match of the season.

After a long first day of matches the Yellowjackets couldn’t hold up against the Maroon’s strength.

The women took the match into four sets but came up short in the fourth set by a score of 30-25 and finished the season with six wins and 27 losses.

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