Congratulations to the Students? Association for surpassing the goal of raising $20,000 for the American Red Cross. The benefit concerts and other efforts to raise money were well-organized, a sign of a proactive SA.

Not only did this initiative raise money to give to a great cause in a time of need but it also motivated a significant portion of the UR community to become active.

It was indeed a great feat to arrange an evening where many SA groups are involved in two weeks. Now more than ever, the SA needs to feed off of the momentum created by their benefit concert.

There is no reason that such interaction between SA groups should not occur more often, even on a larger scale with more preparation.

In order to do this, the SA needs to establish ongoing communication between itself and the SA groups. One way to ensure proper communication is for the SA Senate to make senators regularly meet with individual student groups.

The upcoming meeting on Saturday to discuss revision of the SA constitution is an opportune time to consider how to continue programming that gets students involved and keeps the SA visible in the university community. It?s a great opportunity to use the current momentum in order to make pro-gress off of last week?s successful accomplishments.

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