Why not name the new pub in Wilson Commons after heroic alumni Jeremy Glick? Glick was on one of the doomed flights taken over by hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001. Media reports suggest that cell phone calls from the airplane indicate strongly that Glick and a few other passengers may have intentionally crashed the plane to prevent it from crashing into a target such as the White House or US Capitol Building.

The University of Rochester has produced men and women of significant achievement in nearly every field of endeavor one could imagine. Can there be any question that Jeremy Glick has taken his place among them?

Name the new pub after Jeremy Glick.

Brad MillerClass of 92

Letter to the Editor: “Israel-Palestine from a Jewish staff member”

I am able to step back and disengage when I am not listening in good faith. I am also sorely aware that this ability is not afforded to Palestinians.

Tikkun olam and the Jewish quest for justice

It makes me sick that the oppression of Palestinians, both on campus and abroad, has been done with the manufactured consent of my community.

Brooks Crossing Apartments Barbershop: CutzbyOzzy

Walking into the ‘barbershop,’ you’ll be greeted by Garcia with an apron on and clippers in hand, a barber chair, a full professional clipping set, and customers chatting with Ozzy’s latest DJ set in the background.