By Lana Knox

Campus Times Staff

UR suffered a great loss this summer when Associate Registrar Lawrence Kruger unexpectedly died as a result of heart failure. He was 42.

On July 27, Kruger suffered a heart attack while at work in his office, and was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital. He died soon after.

While he?d previously had minor health problems, Kruger?s heart failure came as a complete shock to those who knew him well. He touched the lives of many and was an integral member of the UR staff.

Career at UR

Kruger joined the UR community in 1988, when he began work as the director of orientation.

?His entire professional career was dedicated to students. Larry was a strong student advocate and understood the needs of students,? said University Registrar Nancy Speck.

Kruger became the associate registrar in 1997. He was responsible for arranging all registration activities and created the pocket calendar. Perhaps more importantly, Kruger contributed greatly to the lives of the Registrar?s Office staff.

When asked about the impact Kruger had on the office, Garry Henderson, senior analyst programmer for the Registrar?s Office said, ?Larry was a huge help in teaching me about the department. He had a tremendous sense of humor ? he liked to sing, do impressions, and keep things light in the office, especially around registration time and Commencement.?

?We miss his expertise, his friendship, and his interest in everyone,? said Speck. ?He was able to help in all the little ways that no one saw.?


There was a memorial service held in his honor Aug. 1 in the Interfaith Chapel.

?The entire place was full ?faculty members, staff, students, and all of his family members were there,? said Speck.

Kruger is survived by his wife, Barbara, who is a professor at Finger Lakes Community College, his daughter, Jane, his son, Elijah, his brother Joe, who lives in the area, and an extended family.

The Registrar?s Office, as well as the UR community as a whole, will greatly miss Lawrence Kruger and the contributions he made to better the lives of students and all of those around him.

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