by Lydia Lam

Campus Times Staff

After the bookstore?s new renovation, a dedication ceremony and a ribbon cutting took place in front of the bookstore?s new entrance. The ceremony took place Friday after convocation.

The ceremony signified the partnership between Barnes and Noble and the University. Furthermore, the ceremony marked the grand re-opening for the remodeled bookstore.

The ribbon cutters for this ceremony were Vice President and General Secretary Paul Burgett and Patrick Maloney, vice president of stores and operations of Barnes and Noble College Bookstores.

?The University wanted the beautiful wooden doors of the bookstore to be re-opened,? said Kathy Scarborough, general manager of the university?s bookstore.

?Part of the contract Barnes and Noble had with the university was their promise to renovate the university?s bookstore,? Scarborough said.

The renovation of the bookstore started after Memorial Day of 2001.

?The goal of the university?s bookstore is to meet the standards of alumni and students of the university. The bookstore didn?t look like it was as up-scale as it should be,? Scarborough said.

?One reason they wanted to renovate the bookstore was to keep up with the improvements made by other school bookstores. . . Furthermore, it allowed us to abandon our old registers and replace them with newer, more economical models,? senior and employee Seth Lowry said.

The layout of the bookstore ?is now aisle-aisle, a parallel format,? Scarborough said.

Employees and students say that the new layout of the bookstore makes more sense and is more organized than the old layout.

?I believe the new layout makes more sense since they have tried to departmentalize all of the merchandise into specific areas.

?So I do believe the new layout is more organized, and I do like it better than the old one,? Lowry said.

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