Fate leads us down roads that we can not know until we are on them. They may be treacherous or pleasant, but in the end they take us to another path in the long journey that we call life.

While at UR, I traveled down a road with the lot of you and it has had its bumps and potholes, but for the most part it has been a clear path toward enlightenment. Where else could I watch ?The West Wing? with a bunch of people that love the nuances of the writing? Where else could I write an opinion column about golf and its worth in finding tolerance and actually see it get published? Where else could I make a deal with a humorous writer about her writing for me when I publish my own magazine? Where else could I see three different people tossed into the same garbage can in the course of one night?

Thanks for the memories everyone, and to all of you who continue to travel down the road of life at UR and elsewhere, may your path be well lit and lead you to where you want to go.


Bottoms, an ode to “ugly, untalented gays”

I am sick of girlbosses. I want more girlfailures. For years, I have wanted a movie made for women like me. And finally, “Bottoms” has granted that wish.

Oppenheimer: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the IMAX

I'd also like to make a bet here. I will not see a movie this year that is better than this fantastic story that Nolan was able to tell.

‘GUTS’ gives Olivia Rodrigo ground to stand on

With made-for-radio melodies, experimental guitar riffs, and lyrics that sting with humor and candor, “GUTS” hones into what “Olivia Rodrigo” sounds like.