If Ray MacConnell were ever to hunt for a new job, his resume probably wouldn?t do him much justice. On paper, Ray has a pretty limited role with the Campus Times ? He makes up the advertisements and puts them on the page.

That?s it.

But to the hundreds of CT staffers who have passed through the paper?s newsroom since Ray settled in 25 years ago, he is more than just the ad guy.To them, Ray is an institution, a sounding-board, a friend.

The budding journalists and impressionably freshmen who somehow find their way down to the CT?s windowless office in the basement of Wilson Commons often don?t know what to make of the tall, goofy man who banters all day with Linda Goodwin ?another Campus Times legend ? and anyone else who strolls into the office. But Ray always wins them over, more often than not with his chocolate-chip cookies ? or better yet his mud pie ? and his self-effacing sense of humor.

That?s one of the guiding principles of the Tao of Ray ? Don?t take yourself too seriously. He often jokes that if his predecessor as the SA?s graphic artist, Jean Ann Brown, had the CT?s back office named after her, then he should have the first stall in the Wilson Commons men?s room named for him.

Ray?s got a great understanding of people, too. When tenions in the office are high or two members of the Campus Times cabal develop amorous feelings for one another, Ray always knows ? sometimes even before the people involved.

For 25 years now, Ray has seen life at the Campus Times and ? whether he knows it or not ? he?s helped shape that life for the better.

Thanks, Ray.

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