I met Ray MacConnell at my very first job after college: He worked in the advertising department and I worked in the editorial department of a local suburban weekly newspaper chain.

Ray left the newspapers to come to the University when Wilson Commons opened; the rest of us were jealous, I remember. I came by to see him after I started working here on campus myself. I walked into the office, and it was like I hadn?t seen him in 22 hours, not 22 years. Not only did he recognize and remember me, but he hadn?t changed a bit himself. He was as warm and funny and easy to talk to as ever. He even looked the same! (How do you do that, Ray?) I was able to catch up on what he was doing not only from him, but from one of the former CT editors, Steve Bradt, who was working in our PR office. That?s how I learned Ray has these great cooking talents (can I get a sample?) on top of his beautiful work with flowers (yes, he did the flowers for my wedding).

It?s great to see you again, Ray. Congratulations on the super job you?ve been doing for 25 years, and I wish you all the best for another 25!

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At scrimmages and tournaments, teams’ timekeepers have been using the app — and on the analytics end, the app has over 1,800 downloads.