Well, I think I deserve the title ?slacker senior staff member,? I pasted pages for a semester, and occasionally wrote an article or two. In fact, I think I was quoted in the paper more times than I wrote for it! But nevertheless, it was a fun group to work with and get to know. Thanks for the fun times all!

Women’s basketball bested 95-53 by #1 NYU amid historic run

Despite a valiant effort, UR’s women’s basketball team failed to contain a surging NYU squad last Friday in the Palestra.

We need to talk about parasocial relationships

Parasocial relationships were once seen as harmless. Now we're seeing how obsessing over a public figure’s life can turn harmful. 

SA’s Mid-Year Report just released. Here are some key takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from SA's Mid-Year Report, with a focus on accomplishments with tangible implications for students.