Eighty senior class T-shirts, valued at more than $800, were stolen from inside a locked Senior Class Council office between March 27 and April 4. A campus phone was also stolen from inside the office, located in the Ruth Merrill Center.

?I thought it was safe to put our T-shirts in our office,? SCC president Emily Bones said. ?I guess I was wrong.?

Members of the SCC noticed that the T-shirts were missing last week at the graduation celebration in the Hirst Lounge.

?The T-shirts just looked strange,? Bones said.

SCC representatives Emily Patterson and Nick Rutar were the first to notice the discrepancy.

?At first, we both thought we had been just selling a lot of shirts,? Patterson said.

She said that they decided to count the T-shirts and cross-check the number with their own records. After counting the remaining shirts and factoring in the number they had given out, they found that they were 80 T-shirts short.

They only have 50 shirts remaining and are not planning to order extras because it would be too expensive, Bones said.

Instead of ordering new shirts, the SCC decided to buy shot glasses, which are less expensive.

The SCC is ?selling? the T-shirts and shot glasses to benefit the senior class gift of beautifying Meliora Plaza by adding tables, benches and planters. Meliora Plaza is between Meliora and Harkness Halls.

The council gives a shirt to anyone who donates $20 toward the senior gift. The minimum donation to get a shot glass is $5.

The council is trying to get 33.3 percent of the senior class ? or 242 seniors ? to donate money to the project. If they reach the 33.3 percent level of involvement, the Trustees Council will match the funds raised.

Last year, the senior class reached 30 percent involvement. The goal was lower, and the trustees matched the funds.

While the stolen T-shirts will not affect the percent involvement, Bones said she worries it will leave the senior class with less money overall for the trustees to match.

To buy a T-shirt or shot glass or to make a donation to the senior class gift, contact Bones at seniors@mail.rochester.edu.

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