Though the dedication will take place next fall, a Vietnam War monument will be erected in the Grove by the beginning of May this year. It will lay next to the WWI, WWII and Korean War monuments already present.

The monument serves witness to the fact that the actions of our fellow Americans will not go unnoticed, and that today, over a quarter of a century after the end of the War, we still honor their bravery, heroism and dedication.

This monument is even more significant because its presence is a result of collaboration and hard work on the part of various University organizations. The selfless contribution of these organizations is something I am extremely proud of.

On behalf of the UR Nany Reserve Officer Training Corps unit, I?d like to wholeheartedly thank all of the persons that helped to make this possible.

In particular I would like to thank Rob Whitman, Damon Dimmick, the Senate Steering Committee, all of the Senators, Malik Evans and members of the Students? Association Appropriations Committee, Kelley Redder, Jack Kreckle, Bob Bartlett and the others from the Alumni House, Rochester Veterans and all others that have given of their time and support for doing so.

When the thought of the monument first came to mind last fall, I didn?t anticipate the amount of cooperation that would be needed to make the idea a reality.

By the time the ceremony takes place, the many groups and individuals mentioned above will have contributed to make the ceremony a success.

I especially urge the seniors who will not have a chance to come back to UR next fall to stop by the Grove and take pride in Rochester?s past and present.

The monument is just another example of how any goal can be reached if people work towards it with conviction and good intentions.

? Amy ShuttClass of 2002

War in Gaza hits UR campus

Amid the release of several administrative statements about the war in Gaza, vigils, protests, and counseling sessions have hit UR’s campus.

UR protests aren’t a threat to Jews

Outside of a temple or family gathering, I feel safest as a Jew at UR, and this has not changed with the protests on campus.

Violence will not solve what violence created

More violence against Palestinians will not lead to the development of the peaceful society that all parties deserve.