Speak together and they shall hear. Sophomores came together last week on this campus to protest their housing situation after nine six-packs did not receive suites.

Students organized measures for a protest to the Office of Residential Life and the administration. For the first time in recent memory, the administrative bureaucracy responded to the students? requests by giving them suites.

A job well done to the Office of Residential Life who handled this delicate matter promptly.

More importantly, the decision was fair and in line with the concept of a housing lottery.

The office was flooded with many unexpected situations. Not only did it have to plan for freshman housing but it also had to deal with the greater number of seniors living on campus.

Throughout this week, Residential Life has remained patient. It has responded to student questions and sympathized with student concerns. Other administrators devoted their weekend to reaching a satisfying compromise.

Students must remember that all aspects of UR must adjust to freshman housing in order to make sure that the transition is smooth. As a result, it is important to be patient with Residential Life ? it is obvious that they are trying to help the students.

While students must be patient, they should also be commended for successfully mobilizing to make a change through protest.

This prompt and desirable response by the administration to the demands of the students will help restore students? faith that they are being listened to when they speak.

Letter to the Editor: “I cannot condone the protests against Israel”

I truly believe that the "pro-Palestinian" protestors on the River Campus are shamelessly and remorselessly fostering antisemitism.

UR protests aren’t a threat to Jews

Outside of a temple or family gathering, I feel safest as a Jew at UR, and this has not changed with the protests on campus.

Cease-fire now

Israel's war in Gaza is fraught with crimes, has unclear end conditions, and isn't supported by the U.S. public. We demand a cease-fire now.