The Students? Association Senate is starting a new project that hopes to better address its constituents? needs ? the student services committee.

The committee will track , negotiate and improve services that the university offers students ? as well as improving communication.

?I want everyone on campus to know there is somewhere they can go for an intelligent and productive discussion on university services,? said junior Megan Hannon, chair of the committee. ?We may have to make concessions to service providers, but they will have to negotiate with us as well.?

Unlike the senate?s other committees, which have a more narrow focus, the services committee will tackle any problem or issue that arises, from dining to security. It plans to focus directly on concrete matters instead of internal senate issues.

?This is yet another vehicle for students and administrators to come together and work to improve the UR community,? said Daryl DuLong, senior and chair of the public relations committee. ?The other three committees (public relation, projects and policy) deal mainly with the operations of senate and the SA. This committee will be a way to branch out of that area.?

This strategy is a new tactic for the senate.

?We are extremely excited, as this committee constitutes the first major change in our policy structure in well over a decade. We think it will change the whole ball game,? said senior and Speaker of the Senate Damon Dimmick.

Although senators run the senate?s other committees, the services committee wants to get non-senators involved. To get student input, the committee will meet in different buildings across campus, such as the Residential Quad buildings or Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls.

?It?s time to start bringing the activities of the SA government to the students instead of making them always come to us,? Hannon said.

But above all, the committee just wants to make student life better.

?Hopefully, we will finally find an equal playing field where no one will feel attacked or defensive,? Hannon said. ?All of us are trying to build a better university, but sometimes we forget that and villainize each other.?

Those interested in working on the committee can contact Hannon at

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