In response to Sam Tasker?s opinion piece in the March 29 issue of the CT, the Students? Association would like to clarify several points of concern. Student government members are some of the hardest working people at UR and we do it all for no pay, without expecting recognition and at the expense of our sanity and our grades.

It is true that the SA has many bureaucratic issues to deal with. Approving advisers and constitutions for SA organizations isn?t terribly exciting for any of us, either. But it is our responsibility and duty and we try to get through it as quickly and smoothly as possible so we can get to our real business. But what, exactly, is that business?

Tasker said the ?SA Senate feels like it is its responsibility to legislate student affairs.?

We say that the SA Senate feels no such thing. Senate is a group of twenty students with varying views on any issue worth arguing. The only collective vision is that of a better university, which is why we all dedicate our time and patience to produce results that most of us will not be here to see, much less enjoy.

In response to Tasker?s assertion that Students? Association Appropriations Committee controls the finances of the SA, we wish to emphasize that the SA Senate does indeed have final say over the spending of all student activities funds. SAAC, a committee of senate, makes decisions that are subject to the approval of the senate body. In addition, elected senators sit on the committee at every meeting and participate in all decision-making.

More importantly, the senate can overturn any decision or mandate any action for SAAC to take, by a simple majority vote.

This year, student government has been reinvigorated by reforms and renewed motivation. We have worked hard with staff and administration to achieve visible results. It is amazing how much students can get done and how many people are willing to listen to us when we stay focused on improving the campus.

Certainly, there are still administrative and faculty holdouts who will never see student government as anything more than a game or toy, but until all of us are unanimously willing to stop payment on those big fat checks we send in every year, that?s not going to change.

If you?re trying to find apathy and a lack of motivation, keep looking. This student government has gotten results and completed several notable pro-jects. At the end of the year, the SA Senate will be sending a list of accomplishments and completed projects to each student for review.

We hope this will motivate more students to become involved on campus and to recognize that student government is plowing straight ahead.

? Megan Hannon

Class of 2002

This letter is written on behalf of the SA Senate Steering


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