Generally, I look forward to reading the Scuzz each year as an extension of the comedic wit on campus. This year, however, I believe the Scuzz has gone too far. In the past, all personal references were without any information identifying the person being poked-fun at.

This year the Scuzz included a personal attack, accusing me of bringing ?femi-nazi? music to campus through my various board positions on UR Concerts. Perhaps they should have done more research rather than making false and ignorant accusations.

First, since my freshman year, I worked on shows including Beck, Collective Soul, Rusted Root, Atomic Fireballs, Tori Amos, Wyclef Jean, Moxy Fr-vous, the Roots, Fiona Apple, The Jazz Mandolin Project, They Might Be Giants, Everclear and The Wailers. Any college student can see there are only two artists on that list that are female ? Tori Amos and Fiona Apple.

If the Scuzz would like to take issue with anything, perhaps they should accuse me of bringing rich, middle-class, white-kid music, but I suppose that is what the editors of the Scuzz would have preferred instead of Tori, Fiona, Wyclef and the Roots. While I have tried to bring diversity here, it appears that I am a ?femi-nazi? because the women that we bring to campus represent strong female independence.

I will stand in front of the university community proud of the talent that I helped to bring to UR.

The Scuzz also portrayed the musicians who have been brought to campus as my decision ? this is inaccurate and misinformed. UR Concerts has seven board members who decide these matters jointly.

I am insulted by this personal attack made against me, for this attack on fellow members of UR Concerts and also for the student activity advisors who help us immensely in our extremely difficult decisions.

I will stand firm on what decisions I have made ? yet I have no one to confront because of the cowardly anonymity of a malicious group.

? Kate O?Sullivan

Take Five Scholar

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