Post office looks at e-mail system

The campus post office is working with the Student Services Committee to set up a system which would notify students through e-mail whenever they receive a package.

?If approved, we will work on it over the summer and the system should be implemented by next fall,? Manager of Mail and Courier Services Mark Goodrich said.

The SA services committee originally proposed the idea to the post office.

?There have been a number of people who have expressed their interest in the project, especially those who live far from the post office,? services committee member and Class of 2004 Senator Peter Ordal said.

?By sending an e-mail, the post office would alleviate the problem because students would be informed the instant that the package has been processed.?

The post office is now considering different factors like the cost of the database and selecting from different vendors, Goodrich said. The post office staff has also visited Ithaca College to examine its post office?s e-mail notification system.

Azariah Boody Society produced The Scuzz

The Azariah Boody Society has stepped up to claim responsibility for producing the Scuzz, last Sunday?s parody of the Buzz.

The secret society, which strives to increase school spirit, sent an unsigned e-mail to the Campus Times and to Students? Association government members.

?We published the Scuzz this year in the interests of keeping this tradition of playful jabs and sarcastic jibes alive at the U of R,? the letter said.

?The Scuzz was not created to slander individual groups or people, but to bring about awareness of certain problems, to encourage humor in tense situations and to have a chance to laugh at ourselves a bit.?

Members can be contacted at azariahboody

No-Sweat submits faculty petitions to Jackson

After holding a demonstration on the steps of Wallis Hall Friday, the No-Sweat Coalition submitted petitions signed by faculty and staff to UR President Thomas Jackson.

The demonstration focused on persuading the University Apparel Manufacturing Committee to vote for public disclosure of UR?s manufacturing sites.

No-Sweat announced during the demonstration that a new group had formed ? UR Faculty and Staff for Full Public Disclosure ? which will push for human rights amelioration.

Junior and No-Sweat President Kirk Scirto said 34 faculty and staff members created and signed the petitions.

?The new group illustrates their continued and expanding support and it is particularly important in that the voices of respected faculty members is more difficult to deny than those of the average student,? Scirto said.

?I do not wish to be complicit in the exploitation of the workers who produce these garments. Full disclosure necessary in order to ensure that the basic rights of all workers are protected,? said Professor of Anthropology Robert Foster, who signed the petition.

Students also signed 497 petitions.

For a copy of the petition and a list of those who signed it, visit the Campus Times Online at

Poet Williams to read his work at UR

John A. Williams, a prolific novelist, journalist, essayist, anthologist and editor, will read and discuss his work in the Gamble Room of Rush Rhees Library at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 12.

Williams has written novels such as ?Clifford’s Blues,? ?Jacob’s Ladder? and ?The Man Who Cried I Am.?

He has also edited or co-edited 10 more books, published a volume of poetry, written two plays and the libretto for the opera ?Vanqui.?

The event is part of the English department?s Colloquium Series.

Reporting by Cecilia Le and Pranav Chandra.

Colin’s Review Rundown: Future and Metro Boomin, Lizzy McAlpine, Benson Boone, Civerous

Is it bad? Definitely not! But I found myself continually checking my phone to see how many tracks were left.

Gaza solidarity encampment: Live updates

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