As a senator on SA Senate I would aspire do make it a more powerful and influential group on campus. As the representatives of the students, the Senators should obviously be looking out for, and working towards meeting the wishes of their jurisdiction. I come into the elections with a few main goals: to broaden the social life on the campus, to improve some athletic programs, and to draw more popular food and entertainment companies on or closer to campus. I feel as if college should feel like a home to students.On this Rochester campus I personally don?t feel a sense of school pride or involvement in activities. I want to try to get the student body out of their rooms and involved in going to sporting events, doing community service, joining clubs, and enjoying their home at Rochester.

For all the fanfare: a reflection on SA elections

Student elections tend to end up as popularity contests.

Judging a book by its cover

There are so many books out there. It’s okay if not all of them are for you.

Embarrassment, a storming sea

Embarrassment is a lighter shade of shame — a shame formed from the perception of others and what opinions they might have.