My name is Ashley Edwards, 2003. I am running for the Area Senate seat in G.L.C. I have been a hall representative in Hall Council and have co-chaired the Improvement Committee, which works to improve the conditions in G.L.C. Besides my involvement in G.L.C., I am a brother in Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and I volunteer at Alternatives for Battered Women.

I have worked closely with residents, R.A.s, and the administration to propose

changes in G.L.C., such as: two phones per apartment, new chairs and mattresses, and better lighting.

Next year I will be an R.A. in G.L.C. I see the need to foster a sense of community among the residents. I believe there needs to be a more of a connection to River Campus. I will work to close the gap between the residents of G.L.C. and those of River Campus. I want to keep residents informed about events and opportunities on campus.

With approximately 240 undergraduates living in G.L.C., there is a strong need for solid representation by someone who really knows’ residents concerns and the issues of living in G.L.C. I have had one year of experience working for the residents; I look forward to another year of the same.

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