Respect was one of the first lessons that we learned in kindergarten 8212; at least some of us. After partying on St. Paddy&s day last weekend, I realized that maybe students should take a remedial course in it.

I think it is easy to take things that are free for granted.

When we first come to UR as freshmen, we are exposed to a wide variety of social events. Most turn to the Fraternity Quad not only to explore UR Greek life options, but also when they are in the mood to party and meet people. And, of course, refreshments are usually provided for the eligible.

All of this fun is packaged nicely in the quad, all for a mere cost of being patient in line.

Nice deal, huh? I think so. But not on the nights when the frigid air in Rochester seems like the blast from the Arctic that it is.

As I waited with a few of my Alpha Phi sisters to get into Psi Upsilon, I realized that the cold makes most people forget that &free& does not mean &god-given right.&

I was sandwiched for about half an hour as my Psi U friends tried to control the mob of eager students. No matter what the brothers said, few listened. The mob would not let up 8212; they wanted their free &service.&

Many forget that the fraternities are providing a social opportunity at cost to them. They spend hours setting up, hosting and cleaning their houses before and after the function. If you have ever stayed behind to hang out with the brothers after a bash winds down, you&ll know that the house isn&t pretty.

People can say, &Sure. But they did it to themselves. It&s their party.&

I say that&s the excuse of an obnoxious child, trying to cast the blame on someone else.

Fraternities hold open parties to extend a welcoming invitation to the UR community for a huge mixer between both Greeks and non-Greeks.

As hosts, they are liable for anything that occurs to the guests and the house during the function. That is a huge responsibility.

They shouldn&t have to deal with disrespect when they&re being gracious.

I understand the frustration that many feel as they wait to get into a party.

But if brothers want to let their friends in ahead of you or serve them before anyone else, that is their right 8212; not yours. It might seem unfair, but you are visiting their home for their party.

Have you ever gone to a stranger&s house and demanded service? I would hope not. Now why is it that we understand respect in that light and not in this one?

Maybe being pampered by all the free activities that are planned as a treat for all of us 8212;both Greek and non-Greek 8212;have spoiled us rotten.

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