MTV debuted its new show “Icon? Tuesday. On this show dedicated to showing appreciation to pop music?s icons, this special show commended the one and only Janet Jackson. After a lifetime in the showbiz industry, Janet is finally getting some praise for her undeniable contribution to the pop world. Many regard her as the diva that kept dance alive after Paula Abdul disappeared and pop lost its battle to grunge and rock in the early nineties. Jackson came up with the best choreographed dance moves and even outranked her brother. This time the spotlight was on Janet, and not on the fact that she is related to another icon. The fairer Jackson had included the entire manufactured pop posse. Britney Spears was in the audience, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson presented, N*Sync did a rendition of ?That?s The Way Love Goes,? and Destiny?s Child harmonized to ?Let?s Wait A While.? It seems that Janet shaped a generation of dancers and performers who would take on the world just as she has done and still continues to do.The show opened with Outkast?s apt ?Ms. Jackson.? Later, Buckcherry performed a disturbing rendition of ?Nasty,? changing some lyrics around ? something you just don?t do to a classic. Macy Gray butchered the once sultry ?Love Will Never Do Without You,? whilst wearing a shirt that mysteriously had the word ?conformist? on it.Presenters included the Jacksons, Janet?s fourth grade teacher and a via-satellite, her brother Michael.?Icon? documented Jackson?s achievements, including her brief stints on television shows such as ?Fame? and ?Diff?rent Strokes.? However, the highlight of the show was a collaboration with Pink, Usher and Mya. Pink first came to perform ?Miss You Much.? Usher later came out in cat suit dancing to ?Alright.? Mya ended the solos with an amazing version of ?The Pleasure Principle.? After Mya, the trio joined on stage for a mesmerizing tribute to Jackson.However, at the end, Jackson showed everyone who the real diva is. She took the stage to perform her new single ?All For You.? With dance moves that every fan will be imitating for the next year, the song is bound to be a hit. Jackson?s heavy incorporation of dance into her music makes what she has to offer even more exciting. Why do so many adore her? Because she?s Janet, Miss Jackson if you?re nasty!

Brooks Crossing Apartments Barbershop: CutzbyOzzy

Walking into the ‘barbershop,’ you’ll be greeted by Garcia with an apron on and clippers in hand, a barber chair, a full professional clipping set, and customers chatting with Ozzy’s latest DJ set in the background. 

Around the ROC Players “Carousel:” Reframing theater to a new age and stage

As a performance charged in both its energy and musicality, ROC Players’ “Carousel” breaks down and resets expectations for student theater on campus.

Tikkun olam and the Jewish quest for justice

It makes me sick that the oppression of Palestinians, both on campus and abroad, has been done with the manufactured consent of my community.