Just imagine: The judge says, “Case closed.” Kim K. immediately starts to ugly cry.

Kim Kardashian West announced recently that she will take the bar exam to become a lawyer in 2022. As of now, she is in a four-year apprenticeship (comparable to law school in the state of California) to improve her skills and prepare for the exam.

Despite her immense money-making presence on social media and television,  Kardashian wants to give back to the community and fight for justice as a lawyer. As a student considering law, I moan and groan that she has tons of money to do whatever she wants.

Does that money mean she’s working as hard as regular law students to achieve the same successes? Is she taking a shortcut?

I’m all for people doing whatever they believe is right, but when it comes to shortcuts born of money, it gets a little iffy. If Kardashian really works hard and aces her exams, good for her, but to what extent is she using her money and fame to lighten the workload?

And would those advantages be a conflict of interest in her prospective career as a lawyer? It’s tough to say. Since Kardashian is such a powerful media figure, this could distract a court of law to make the wrong choice. If she goes into criminal justice as planned, it will be interesting to watch how the judges and juries make their decisions.

Although Kardashian seems to be putting in the work to do this the right way, there could be bias just because of her name. And can you ever prevent bias? In a perfect world, no one would inflict their biases in a court of law., But we do not have this type of environment. Kardashian needs to act as professionally as she can.

She certainly has the confidence to be a lawyer, but her mannerisms beg to differ. If you’ve ever watched “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or have any meme knowledge, then you know that Kardashian cries. A lot.

There’s nothing wrong with that; it happens to everyone, but I do not think in a court of law it is appropriate to let loose any explosive emotions during a case. (At least not on the part of counsel.) Of course, it is fair to create a presentation that persuades a jury, judge, or audience, but it is not fitting to break down in tears when things get tough.

But honestly, go Kim. If she wants to do this, hopefully she can.

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