A student has retracted claims of racial slurs being used by Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers against him at the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) house Friday night.

According to Director of Public Safety Mark Fischer, DPS officials (including Fischer) went to the DKE house on Sunday morning to interview the accusing student. In an interview in the presence of the DKE president and the house manager, the student retracted his claims that a DPS officer used racial epithets toward the student during his arrest Friday night. The student signed a statement confirming his new story.

In a statement released by University Spokesperson Sara Miller, DPS’ internal investigation and follow-up interviews with the students involved were said to have revealed no evidence that DPS verbally abused the accusing student. The statement closed by saying that “no further action on this matter is anticipated.”

The student had previously claimed that a DPS officer used racial epithets while responding to a call Friday night about the student, who was intoxicated. The student was arrested under mental hygiene laws and transported to a hospital.

The Campus Times had been told that multiple videos of the incident were captured by DKE brothers, but was unable to obtain them. The DKE brothers the Campus Times spoke with declined to release the videos for the time being. Fischer is unaware of the videos.

DPS sent officers to the DKE house Saturday night to interview brothers. Two of the DPS officers who responded to the call were off duty Saturday and came to campus to give statements about the incident, Fischer said.

He had said on Saturday that if the allegations proved true, the officer or officers involved would “likely be terminated.” In light of Sunday morning’s testimony, Fischer said that the matter will be closed.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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