UR’s senior information technology officer (who remains as anonymous as his job title) revealed early this week that the University’s wi-fi costs have hit record levels this semester. He reported tracing huge spikes in bandwidth usage in Hoyt Auditorium from 3:25 to 4:40pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the fall semester.

The time period is no coincidence. It coincides with Professor Christopher Niemiec’s Psychology 101 class, which is notorious among freshmen.

The officer stated that they found the culprit responsible for the huge spikes: freshman Anna Rosenstein . Rosenstein is known among her acquaintances as having an affinity for all things Buzzfeed, .gif, and list. She has learned many things this semester: what Mean Girl she is (Regina George), 4 (sic) grilled cheese tricks you need to try, and the 17 (sic) stages of food disillusionment when you start college (among other choice bits and pieces of knowledge).

Rosenstein is not complaining. She finds psychology “pretty cool,” commenting that “it’s, like, about people, right?”

It is worth noting that Rosenstein allegedly still gets excited when she hears that she gets to take quizzes. She doesn’t share her results on Facebook anymore, though.

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the class of 2016.

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