A fight broke out between brothers representing two fraternities early Sunday, Sept. 20 at approximately 12:30am. The fight, which included at least three members from each of the fraternities, occurred on the fraternity quad and lasted approximately one minute. Public Safety and Rochester Police Department responded to the scene to break up the fight.

Public Safety has assigned an investigator to the case who has conducted multiple interviews since Monday with witnesses and brothers from the opposing fraternities. According to two anonymous eye witnesses who were waiting at the front of the line when the conflict arose, a small group led by a student holding a third-full handle of alcohol approached the doors of the fraternity house and asked to be let inside. After being rejected by the door crew, the student reacted violently with profanity and contact. He then retreated to gather more of his fraternity brothers for a face-off on the quad.

Public Safety and Center for Student Conflict Management were both unable to comment on the specifics of the ongoing investigation. They were able to confirm an encounter occurred on Saturday night. Public Safety is set to release a report  on Thursday, Sept. 25, in the afternoon. Students involved in the incident have decided to not press charges but instead allow University officials to dictate consequences.

Sanguinetti is a member

of the class of 2015.

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