UR students are tired. Midterm season is upon us, essays are piling up and stress is visible on students’ faces. And what is ironic about the lack of energy across campus is that we supposedly have just had a “Fall Break.”

   After having Monday off to rejuvenate, the general consensus is that one day is not enough to catch up on sleep and work. With the current schedule, classes held on Tuesday and Thursday are ahead of those held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

   There are grumbles about how short Fall Break is every time it comes around, especially as it is the only break during the fall semester other than Thanksgiving. 

   When teachers assign a plethora of tests due directly after the break, what little time students have to relax is spent studying.  

   The choice to go home or on a trip is compromised because students have to take into account how much travel time will affect studying.  

   The decision to stay in Rochester is forced because one day is barely enough time to catch up on the homework indicative of midterm time at UR. 

   The River Campus is also alone in their exhaustion, as the Eastman School of Music gets the benefit of two days off for Fall Break.  This extra day gives both students and faculty the respite they need to get through a long semester.  

   The fact that most other universities receive up to a week for fall break upsets students as they are back in the classroom, while friends are returning home to take a much needed rest from the stress of college. 

   For the University, academics are most important, yet the health of the students needs to be considered.  

   Students are much more empowered when they are well-rested  An extra day will give students more energy to tackle their academic requirements.

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