An individual with an extensive history at UR was arrested for trespassing around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 5, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.

Officers were called out to Hill Court when they were alerted to reports by students of a person lingering around the bike racks of Fairchild.

Curtis Binion, 41, of Rochester, was found by officers to have been hiding in the cut-out of a building. He was also found carrying a starter pistol in his clothing and refused to comply with the officers’ orders when they attempted to detain him, according to Lafferty.

Binion was discovered to have outstanding warrants with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and was later released into their custody.

Visitor to campus assaulted and robbed

Two unidentified suspects assaulted a visitor to campus around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

The two individuals approached the visitor outside Strong Auditorium and spoke with her about her digital camera. After the interaction, she walked away from the two individuals. One of the individuals promptly seized the victim by the hair and pulled her to the ground, according to Lafferty.

The suspects fled the scene, but not before stealing the victim’s cell phone. MERT was called to attend to the minor injuries the visitor incurred.

Information concerning the attack, as well as possible photographs of the suspects, was circulated.

On Sunday at 9:03 p.m., Security observed two individuals walking on Fraternity Road who matched the descriptions of the suspects from the Aug. 29 attack.

They informed the Police and were identified as 14- and 16-year- olds who were unaffiliated with the University.

Further investigation is being done to determine if they are the suspects, but for the meantime, they were issued interim ban forms and warned to stay off campus, according to Lafferty.

Alcohol a possible factor in motor vehicle accident

At 1:57 a.m. on Saturday, officers responded to Wilson Boulevard, near Hutchison Hall, for a single motor vehicle accident.

A University undergraduate’s vehicle was found to have jumped the curbing of Wilson Boulevard and traveled roughly 50 feet before crashing into a light pole. A fire hydrant was also hit by the vehicle, causing it to be knocked into the road.

Both police and medical personnel were called to the scene. The driver was examined by the Rural Metro staff and MERT and was determined to have sustained no injuries by the accident. The vehicle, however, was towed from the scene.

According to Lafferty, alcohol was believed to have been a contributing factor in the accident.

Information provided by UR Security.

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