It’s good to be back, gang. Welcome to yet another edition of Life, Love… Sport (Back in Black Edition). Tons to discuss and very little space to do it in. Ye loyal readers might be wondering what exactly the LLS thinks of the Michael Vick conundrum. Or perhaps you were wondering why the Red Sox are so much better than the Yankees. Even more puzzling, who will be the LLS’s college football bandwagon team of the year? All these questions will be answered in good time. Along with a few others. So climb aboard the wagon, my friends, and keep all hands inside the vehicle at all times.

No other story seemed to have grabbed the public fancy more than the antics of former Falcons quarterback and LLS-endorsed “coolest athlete ever” Michael Vick. Not only does Vick have to spend the next year in a jail cell, but he’s probably done playing football as we know it. However, let it not seem like the LLS supports Vick’s actions. The federal indictment read like a private diary. But thankfully there won’t be much to discuss now that the case is over. I have nothing more to say because it’s already been said and, frankly, there can only be so many different angles to one story. Let’s just move on.

On to the most dominating story of the summer. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Red Sox beating up on teams while the Yankees scuffled. If you haven’t heard already, you probably live in a box. Gloating is not our game, but here it goes: HA! We told you so! But, in all seriousness, the Sox just stayed healthier. That’s pretty much the reason. Some people will tell you it’s because our pitchers are better, which is true. But they’re only better because they didn’t break a leg a la Philip Hughes. Also, the Red Sox call-ups, mainly Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester, have proven super effective at giving their team a lift while letting them rest some of the older gentlemen, of which they have a few. With all this young talent coming in for both teams, will the Orioles, Blue Jays or Devil Rays ever matter? Tune in sometime in the next couple years to find out. However, the prediction is no.

It’s definitely that time of year again. College football is back and so is the Life, Love… Sport Bandwagon team of the year! As you may or may not recall, last year we picked the Missouri Tigers of the Big 12 conference. They ended up with a record of 8-5, losing a nail-biter to Oregon State 39-38 in the Sun Bowl. However, the year has passed and so shall we search for another team to throw our support. This year we choose a team out of the Big East: say hello to the University of South Florida Bulls! This might be the year, guys and gals. Already the young Bulls have shocked, SHOCKED Auburn in their own house, winning in overtime, 26-23. We’ve had our eye on this team long enough and, let us tell you, they’re good. In fact, better than good. Quarterback Matt Grothe is the next Drew Brees, but better. The miracles that he pulls out of his ass on a weekly basis would make the baby Jesus weep in shame. Assuming that they can take care of business against University of North Carolina next week (a team that lost to East Carolina. Who? Exactly.) then it sets a very nice match-up against ranked and slightly more athletically superior University of West Virginia at home. And if history repeats itself, USF could find themselves front and center and possibly ranked. Make sure to follow along as we chronicle their wild season.

A word or two on the NFL if I may. New England steamrolled the Jets at home. The Bills lost on a last second field goal and the Dolphins are… the Dolphins. Basically what LLS is trying to say is that the AFC East is once again going to be dominated by the team from New England, with or without cheating allegations.

This year looks to be dominated by the AFC once more, seeing how the Bears got rocked by the Chargers and the Saints got blown off the field by the Colts. Let it be known that although I do not like the Colts, I enjoy the recent dominance of the AFC.

Let’s not forget that in the 1990’s, the NFC, led by Brett Favre (possibly the most washed-up athlete in sports history at this point) destroyed every AFC team they encountered.

On to lighter and more fun things, it is time to pick another LLS patron saint! Tune in next week to find out who takes the crown from the always lovely and still very attractive Jennifer Morrison.

Final Fact:

Korfball is the only sport that has mixed teams. Each team consists of four men and four women.

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