Oil Dependency What’s the Future April , 2005

The Implosion of AmericaThings that every American should be aware ofHere are a few statistics to show you what we’re really doing to the world. At today’s date, we are using over 150 million barrels of oil every day. One barrel of oil is equal to 42 U.S. gallons and there are 7.481 gallons in a cubic foot. So this means that there are 5.62 cubic feet per gallon of oil. When you add all of this up, this is 26.69 million cubic feet per day taken out of the earth. Using this oil, we are releasing over 10 billion metric tons of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Adding this up puts a hole in the earth of 166.81 acres, 12″ deep every day. This is almost a trillion cubic foot hole in the earth every year, just from oil depletion. Taking all of this into account, and then adding over 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas depleted in 2004, and 3.7 billion megatons of coal worldwide, how long can the earth really take this? I realize these numbers are too large to really comprehend, but that is somewhat the point. Is this where tsunami’s come from? Maybe the oil acts as coolant for the earth like oil does for an engine. Where do the huge holes in the surface of the earth come from? Why don’t we hear about this ? Are we just a virus eating away at the earth, not giving anything back to it? There are alternatives to using oil, some of which are solar power, wind power, and many others. We seem to spend all of our money trying to go to other planets when we don’t try to fix the one we live on. Here is an example on how our system works for us. When the rail system in the U.S. was first started, the big car corporations bought them up and burned them, making us dependent on them (excellent business move, but not so good for nation). Here’s an idea, why not just take the money that we use on NASA for one year ( I don’t believe we would notice it gone for one year or even more) and put it into a mono-rail system like Europe has or some sort of mass transportation. This might even improve our community life also. For example, we could use the magnetic levitation train or any rail system that is worthy. Wind power is pollutant free once set up and endless, why don’t we place windmills at every school district that has sufficient wind? Did you know there is as much wind power in New York as California. This has been done in other areas, such as Spirit Lake, Iowa that put in a single large scale turbine at their elementary field lawn. It will be paid off after 14 years and then they expect to have 140 thousand dollars a year that they otherwise wouldn’t have. This is estimated to save 3400 barrels of oil a year.

Website:http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/ http://www.offshore-environment.com/facts.htmlSigned: Your future’s Advacate

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